As you may already be aware, the use of asbestos in any form of commercial or residential construction is no longer prohibited.
In fact, if this dangerous set of silicate materials is uncovered in a home or commercial renovation, it must be quickly remediated, as being near an area where asbestos has been disturbed can be extremely dangerous.
With that said, asbestos removal in Langley can only be performed by professionals who are qualified and equipped to handle asbestos-laden materials, like RenoPro.
At RenoPro, our asbestos removal team is comprised of specially trained and experienced professionals who can safely remove asbestos that may be found during a home or commercial property’s renovation.

Identifying Asbestos

When asbestos is disturbed, small particles break off and disperse into the air, where it can then be inhaled.
Sadly, breathing in these particles can lead to lung complications and a host of life-threatening illnesses over time, such as mesothelioma.
This is why it is of the utmost importance to ensure your property is free of asbestos-laden materials before carrying out a renovation, by opting for a thorough inspection from the professionals at RenoPro.
If you own a home, business, school, or other property that was built before the mid 1990’s, the chance of asbestos having been used in the structure’s construction are high.
Because asbestos materials don’t have a distinct appearance to an individual that is not trained to identify the substance, it will oftentimes go unnoticed.
In the off chance asbestos is identified during a renovation, however, it is imperative to immediately evacuate the property and contact a RenoPro specialist to request an asbestos removal in Langley, BC.

Proper Asbestos Removal

At RenoPro, each of our professionals have been expertly trained in asbestos abatement, and come equipped with a protective suit and breathing apparatus to ensure safety.
We have a complete understanding of the dangers associated with asbestos, and can identify it quickly to expedite the process of removal.
This process entails removing every possible asbestos particle from an affected area, followed by the proper disposal of these materials.
Once our professionals have removed the asbestos, the affected area is then thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned to ensure no additional particles are left behind.
As you can see, asbestos removal is anything but a do-it-yourself job, and should only be carried out by a company like RenoPro, who can provide professionals with the proper experience, training, and qualifications.
When you need asbestos removal in Langley, BC, or the surrounding area, call in the experts at RenoPro; we’ll stop at nothing to ensure your property is completely asbestos-free, in order to give you peace of mind for any future renovations.
Contact or call us today to learn more about our asbestos removal services .

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